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September 05, 2023


According to the data provided by the latest epidemiological reports, so far in 2023, 3,663,165 cases of Dengue have been recorded in the Latin American Region, the highest number recorded since 1980 according to data provided by the Pan American Health Organization.

In Brazil, 2,569,746 cases of dengue, 218,613 cases of chikungunya and 26,659 cases of Zika were reported. In Bolivia there were 140,246 cases of dengue, 1,376 cases of chikungunya and 840 of Zika. In Paraguay, 123,451 confirmed and probable cases of chikungunya, 8,931 cases of dengue and no cases of Zika were detected. In Peru, 257,089 cases of dengue, 343 cases of chikungunya, and 35 cases of Zika were reported. For its part, Argentina registered 132,237 cases of dengue: 123,538 indigenous, 1,584 imported and 7,151 under investigation. In addition, 2,314 cases of Chikungunya fever were recorded.

In relation to dengue serotypes, Paraguay and Bolivia registered circulation of DEN 1 and DEN 2. Peru reports circulation of serotypes DEN 1, DEN 2 and DEN 3. Brazil, for its part, presents circulation of serotype DEN 4, in addition to the 3 previously mentioned serotypes, DEN 1, DEN 2 and DEN 3. In Argentina during the current season, predominant circulation of DENV-2 was recorded in the country, being identified in 79.14% of subtyped cases; followed by DENV-1, in 20.81%; and DENV3 in very low circulation, with 0.05%.

At the regional level, DENV-2 predominated in all provinces of the NOA region; in most of those in the Central region (with the exception of Santa Fe, where the DENV-1 serotype predominated but DENV-2 was identified in more than 30% of the subtyped cases); In the NEA region, DENV-1 predominated in almost all provinces, with the exception of Formosa where a higher proportion of DENV-2 cases was detected among those subtyped. In Cuyo, cases were predominantly recorded of DENV-2 in San Luis and DENV-1 in Mendoza. In the South, an autochthonous case of DENV-1 is recorded in La Pampa. The few cases of DENV-3 identified occurred exclusively in a neighborhood of the city of San Miguel de Tucumán.

Source: Ministry of Health, Argentina, Pan American Health Organization

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